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Stanley Stillman

Stanley Stillman, Chief Executive Officer, Access Publishing Co.
In his most recent electronic news publishing experience, he developed the Newsdesk Editorial Systems: AccessNews and its extensions, AccessCorporateNews and AccessLegalNews.

His commentary on related developments includes:

  • Behind the Firewall: Newsletter Content Thrives in Enterprise Networks, for the Newsletter on Newsletters (read the full article in PDF format); and

  • Electronic-mail News Services Only News You Can Use, for the Information Today National Online Meeting.

Mr. Stillman previously represented the Fax Focus service bureau to the newsletter publishing industry in Washington, DC, managing such accounts as National Journal and its five-page, 1,300-subscriber daily newsletter, Congress Daily; directed the marketing and sales of BioWorld Today (now owned by Thomson), an online service and daily fax-delivered newsletter; and conducted market research and product development studies for such clients as Dialog (now owned by Thomson); Federal Filings (now owned by Dow Jones); The Financial Times; Market News Service; Media General; and United Newspapers (owner of PR Newswire.

Early in his career, he founded and served as Editor-Publisher of Access, The Daily News-Intelligence Service, one of the earliest indexed news products. He began his career in news publishing as a business/financial correspondent for TIME Magazine; contributor to Fortune and The New York Times; and Business Manager of TIME Canada. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he practiced corporate and securities law initially as an associate with the New York firm of Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine.